Monday, March 7, 2011


This winter has been a little mellow. We really have not had a lot of snow; and when we DO get it, it's not on the ground very long before it melts. Unlike a few years ago when there was a seven foot snow drift in my yard between us and the neighbors. Just walking into it you would get lost. I am sad that my children did not even get to build a snowman and I didn't get pictures of it. That's the second year for me with no snowman pictures. Do my children NOT understand that mom LOOOVES to scrapbook and I've got cute snowman paper to use!! COME ON KIDS!!

So though we didn't get a snowman, they sure did get some playtime in. Nicholas really got to enjoy it this year. He got a little sled and loves being pulled around in it. Although when his brother made a sharp turn and he face planted into the snow, he didn't think it was all that fun. Colton loved throwing snowballs and making snow angels. Nicholas picked up the theory of snowballs fairly quickly and had fun chasing Aunt Lori with the snow.

Our dog is MEANT for the snow and loves playing in it; as long as we are playing with him. He is so funny, he will dig a hole in the snow and burrow down into it in the backyard. Seeing him, you can't help but picture the movie Snow Dogs or the movie Eight Below.

As for mom, I just love looking at it out my window. It truely adds such beauty to the earth and changes the entire scenery and neighborhood. The men in the neighborhood get excited and come out with their snowblowers or fourwheelers to shovel gutters and sidewalks. For them, it's just another excuse for playtime!! I'm somewhat grateful my husband isn't one of them who has to be out there with his toys. We would have to get a garage first before he had toys. However, when that day comes, so will the toys!!

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